Now biathlon blue you will enjoy the magical moment with the two axes, with the other leaders of the Cup, Vittozzi Lisa and Lukas Hofer, who first began attending the podium iridescent; but he knows that this Wierer on top of the world begins to think about the future. And that gold can become a double temptation: a son and say goodbye or another Olympics? It will depend, in fact, from the World Cup in 2020 under the house.

What Intan expect 29 May well as the stage of the Tour of Italy Biathlon: Windisch, gold in the mass start blizzard Stefano Arcobelli © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

January 18, 2019 – Milan An international diplomatic event in sports background, called “odious and totally against the Olympic spirit. Israel condemns this decision inspired no doubt by the furious anti-Semitism of the Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad. ” He says the spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Emmanuel Nahshon, referring to the ban imposed by Kuala Lumpur Israeli sportsmen to participate in competitions on its territory.

A statement from the Ministry of Israel stressed that the swim team in the country, can not compete in the competition organized by the International Paralympic Committee in Malaysia. “We ask the International Paralympic Committee to change this wrong decision or change the venue of this event,” he added the Israeli spokesman, without specifying the date of the race. Malaysia, where Islam is the state religion, has no diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

The “rabid anti-Semitism” was already in the air after last week Mohamad had announced that he would be denied entry to Israeli swimmers qualifying for a tournament at the Paralympics in 2020 in Tokyo. Position later confirmed by Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah: “This is a fight for the oppressed,” the minister said.

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV From here the reaction of Israel, called the decision “shameful” and the appeal to the International Paralympic Committee to commit itself to “to change this wrong decision.” Malaysia is one of the predominantly Muslim countries that do not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel. In the past, the country had denied Israeli athletes to compete in sporting events.

The Israeli swimming has grown a lot in recent years and is part of Len, the European Swimming Federation, whose president Paolo Barelli says: “I learn with dismay, I consider unacceptable and strongly condemn the ban imposed on Israeli athletes to participate in sports events Malaysia. I feel impressed as president of Len, the European Swimming League, of which the Israeli Federation is a member; as President of the Italian Swimming Federation, who has always rejected and opposed discrimination of any gender, ethnicity, language, religion and sex as required from the beginning to the Olympic Charter and as part of the essence of sport; as a parliamentarian of the Italian Republic which also raises tolerance to basic civil rights.

As a man and former Olympic athlete who has always considered sport a bridge, not a wall, a tool of brotherhood and respect regardless of race, religion, customs and traditions “. The European President Paolo Barelli and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this hateful anti-Semitic discrimination, in a time when it is under the eyes of all the regurgitation of feelings that we hoped had disappeared for ever, particularly to fight. This is also demonstrated by recent episodes of the news that unfortunately brought back into the public moments of violence originated from minorities, but by no means insignificant fringe. ” Sport – adds Barelli – has always been at the forefront in the fight against intolerance, devoted to peaceful coexistence, integration; He succeeded where many have failed, as has been recently the action of the International Olympic Committee in an attempt to bring the two Koreas that, increasingly, appear in major world competitions with a unified team. ” “We must continue all together in opposing closure actions, we must not give in to any abuse of power; fight so that the sacrosanct principles of the sport are not rock bottom in this as in all other occasions. I think from the point of view of the sport, the intervention of the IOC – Barelli concludes – and the World and Continental Federations is essential, together with any political diplomacy measures “. Gasport

January 27, 2019 – Milan in anticipation of noon, the water San Bernardo Cantu exceeds 97 to 92 the Trentino and Dolomiti Energia reaches of the standings with 14 points. The team coached by coach Pashutin confirms his moment of form, while that of Buscaglia can not find the right continuity to point to common areas of the ranking. A command in the first minutes of the match is Trento, which distributes the points in the hands of his various shooters.

For Canterbury there instead Jefferson practically alone in the field: after a dormant early guests rely on the physical presence of their center (only 14 points in the first quarter) to stay in contact. After 10 ‘the Eagle is ahead of 4 (25-21), but the second period opens and closes in the sign of Gaines: with a triple and two free to sign the play on the door Cantu -1 (27-26) while the support of the board of Blakes worth the first overtaking day guest.

Dolomiti Energia Trentino-Water S.Bernardo Cantu After the technician to a nervous Hogue (third foul after 18 ‘) Cantu reaches +4 (34-38), and dragged by the unleashed Gaines arrives interval along forward 5 (41- 46). The Pashutin team leaving the locker room touching the double digit lead with the game of Gaines four points (44-54).

Trent tries to return in contact but without the right level of detail to the shot, even though Canterbury is inaccurate and so the distance between the two teams remains unchanged. The Water St. Bernard spends his early fouls (4 bonus Gaines mid third quarter) sending Trento often in the line, but the Bianconeri will not take advantage and after the triple former Mitchell Cantu ended the third quarter ahead on +11 ( 64-75).

Lately expects the Eagle’s ransom, but guests are able to contain the comeback attempts of inaccurate Trentino (51% from two, three and only 38% to 19/29 free). With triple Flaccadori Trento comes to -6 (83-89), Forray fails both free of -4 and so Cantu can rejoice in the well-deserved victory, the fourth in five games. Dolomiti Energia Trentino: Marble 19, Beto Gomes 18, Flaccadori 17 Water St. Bernard Cantu: 23 Gaines, Jefferson 22, Udanoh 18 Andrea Orsolin

March 14, 2019 – Milan, José Mourinho, 56, and Zinedine Zidane, 46, when the first was coach of Real and the second Florentino Perez advisor. AFP Jose Mourinho uses fair play to comment on the return of Zinedine Zidane on the Real Madrid bench.

That same bench as the Portuguese wanted, after the departure from Manchester United. “I think it’s perfect for the amazing things he has done in recent years – said Mourinho about Zizou -. It seems perfect for Real, for him is a great opportunity to show how good he is, especially now with a new project, I think it’s fantastic. I hope that everything goes well. ” THE PEREZ CHOICES – In December, Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United after a long series of disappointing results.

It is put in the square to return protagonist and the option of Real, already driven from 2010 to 2013 with three trophies on the bulletin board (La Liga, Copa del Rey and Spanish Super Cup), it appeared among the hottest. But Florentino Perez has chosen another horse back, precisely Zidane. “Disappointed not I be chosen? No, I never said that I liked or did not like.

I say it’s perfect, for me it’s perfect, “the reaction of Mou collection by the Spanish El Chiringuito sports program. Zidane-Real, which is why Zizou returned Gasport

February 24, 2019 – Phillip Island (Australia) Alvaro Bautista also won Game 2 of the Australian Grand Prix, the first round of the World Superbike Ducati 2019. The Spaniard, who yesterday was imposed in race 1, and repeated today has preceded the finish line Kawasaki Jonathan Rea and Leon Haslam. Sixth place for Marco Melandri on the Yamaha. Bautista and Ducati, great one-two in Australia Superpole race – in World Bautista is so full points with 62 points as the Spaniard also won the Superpole race, new this year, the sprint race of 10 laps on Sunday morning assigns championship points and defines the race starting grid 2.